Urban Forest School


Is the view from your window more concrete than countryside and are you more familiar with graffiti than green grass? Just because you live in a town or city, it doesn’t mean that learning about wildlife, nature and the great outdoors isn’t for you.

This activity-packed book helps you to make the most of your local patch and discover the hidden things you don’t see when travelling around by car. Urban gardens, allotments, parks, cemeteries, playgrounds and more provide green havens and opportunities for some magical forest-school fun. Whether it be collecting sticks in playgrounds or foraging for nettles in a nearby park, there is so much to explore and learn about.

Venture out to your local green space or just into your back garden, if you have one, and have a go at the amazing array of outdoor activities described here: from building a hidden sheet den to creating watering stations for bees. While you are there, scavenge and forage for raw materials and then extend the fun with creative makes and recipes to do back at home such as leaf printing, stick boats and stinging nettle crisps (if you dare!). Get to know the wild parts of your city or town with handy bug, plant and tree ID sections, plus a scavenger hunt and cloud-spotting game that can be done when out and about.

Games to play with organised groups or with your family and friends add another dimension to this book that is bursting with ideas for urban outdoor adventures.

There’s adventures for all ages in this super handy paperback book.

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