Pebbly and Bark Customisable Keyrings


These made to order Pebbly and Bark Customisable Keyrings are made from high quality recycled fine silver (99.9% silver).  The larger keyring pendant can either be hammered with a “pebbly” texture or embossed with a bark texture.  You can then choose which smaller pendant you would like to compliment it (if you choose a letter just email me at [email protected] to let me know which letter you ‘d like). 

These hand crafted keyrings make the perfect gift for anyone who has keys (and who doesn’t?!!).  It is original and a little bit special and can be tailored to the individual.

The large pendants are approximately 25mm long and 20mm wide.  The smaller pendants are approximately 11mm round.  They are finished with a sterling silver jump ring and a choice of either a silver coloured split ring and carabiner (as shown in the pics) or just a surgical steel split ring. If you would like something on the smaller pendant that you have seen elsewhere in the SilverHare Collection, or perhaps a different finish on the larger pendant, please get in touch and I’ll do my best to accommodate your wishes!

All SilverHare Jewellery is hand crafted which gives an organic look unique to every piece.  There will be some variations in pattern, shape, size and colour and sometimes small irregularities on the surface.  This is all part of the handcrafting process and gives each piece its unique charm.  No two pieces are ever the same.


I know you want to do the right thing when it comes to the environment and that you really do care about our planet. So I want to make it easy for you to do this when you make a purchase from SilverHare Jewellery. Therefore I am fully committed to making SilverHare Jewellery a truly sustainable brand. This includes using sustainable recycled silver to make SilverHare Jewellery. The silver is recycled from waste from industries that use precious metals in their processes.


I have firstly reduced the packaging to the minimum needed to protect it and keep it safe. Then I have made it really easy for you to either reuse it, compost it, or recycle it (no special trips needed anywhere!). So without any hassle you can be that sustainable hero I know you want to be. But I haven’t compromised on style! Your SilverHare Jewellery will arrive in a plain brown envelope (no branding on the outside so perfect for gifts), but I hope you agree that what is inside looks beautiful, contemporary and makes a perfect gift.

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