ökoNORM Drawing Chalk 7 Colours


Create beautiful pictures on paper, chalkboards, fabric and on the ground outside with this set of seven coloured eco chalks.  They come in brown, green, blue, red, orange, yellow and white, and can be blended together to make a large range of shades in between. They have a rounded, convex shape which makes them comfy to hold and little hands needn’t get grubby, thanks to a protective coating.  Unlike processed chalks, these eco chalks won’t leave a load of dust behind.  They’re non-toxic and washable too, so parents will love them as much as kids.

These chalks are made from natural chalk, lime and gypsum, and are dyed with natural colour pigments.

Children under 3 should be supervised..


From the first days, ökoNORM has been loyal to its fundamental principle in development of ecologically-friendly products which have as little as possible impact on the environment and human health in their production, use and disposal.

Before the establishment of ökoNORM the company founders Ellen Schahn and Albert Krohn were actively engaged in environmental protection, citizens’ initiatives and social politics. They have become acquainted sharing common interests and worked together in ecologically oriented companies.

The history of ökoNORM started in 1989 in Frankfurt, when Ellen and Albert founded the company and developed the legendary “nawaro finger paint”.

Right from the very beginning, the company has developed successful philosophy, which remains unchanged ever since: To produce high-quality, environmentally friendly and non-toxic products, made from sustainable resources.

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