Mad Catz S.U.R.F Gaming Mouse Pad


Introducing the revolutionary and all-new RGB gaming mousepad: The S.U.R.F. RGB from Mad Catz. Featuring precision-enhancing fabric, an expansive 900 x 300 mm surface, abrasion & water resistance, and ringed with ultra-bright RGB lighting—The S.U.R.F. RGB not only delivers the most precise control, but also a phenomenal and stylish gaming experience.

Perfect Your Control
The precision-enhancing fabric of the S.U.R.F. RGB ensures that every glide, swipe, and movement is registered as accurately as possible—essential for high DPI settings.

Light Up Your World
Light up your gaming or streaming set up with 2-zone RGB strips. Seven effects and enhanced brightness are sure to accentuate your best gaming moments.

Ultra-Durable Surface
The precision-enhancing fabric of the S.U.R.F. RGB was designed to resist stains and liquids while being extraordinarily strong and durable.

Key Features
Precision-enhancing fabric
16.8 million RGB illumination with 7 lighting effects
Extraordinary durability, abrasion and water resistance

RGB (16.8 million)

Top Surface Materials
Hybrid Fabric

Base Materials

Water-Proof Level
Water Resistant

Dimension (L x W x H)
900 x 300 x 4mm

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