Hedgeways – 2 player strategy game


Hedgeways is a strategy game for 2 players of any age, which can be played at various levels of complexity.

It comes in a vintage hinged wooden case, and will be your investment in generations of rustic fun!

You are farmers, competing to get the most land! Use the hedges as field boundaries. Each time you enclose a field you get a point for each empty square inside it, which represents an acre of land.

Farmers take it in turns to lay 1, 2 or 3 hedges on their turn, linked to each other and at least one other hedge using the same coloured squares.

Hedgeways is an eco-friendly game. The hedges are laser cut from sustainable wood and painted with UV cured inks; the bag is weighty 100% cotton; and the box is a clever wooden box which is 5mm thick.

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