Cosmic Rocket Set


The rocket is ready to be launched! The Cosmic Rocket set has everything your young astronaut needs to explore the galaxy. Prepare to land on a new planet with space shuttles and satellites. A great toy to create an interest in astronomy, science and imaginative role play.

Designed in the U.K. with children at the forefront by Tender Leaf Toys.
Tender Leaf Toys use high-quality materials and ethical sourcing and manufacturing processes to produce their toys.
They replant for every tree they use & continually recycle.
Made from sustainable rubberwood
Finished with non-toxic paint and soft water stain
ICTI seal of approval, high ethical standards in their factory
Designed to encourage creative play and help development
Set includes:
A large open style rocket with boarding ramp,
3 astronauts,
2 space shuttles,
2 lunar vehicles,
A satellite,
Computer and table. 
CE tested 
Suitable for children 3+

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